Release of the Souldancer dancing longboard

  1. March 2024

Souldancer is a dancer longboard designed specifically for beginners at the university sports program of Hochschule Heilbronn with the following features.

Top side; lacquered ABS plastic


Glass fibre mat (medium flex), 2 glass fibre mats (stiff flex) unidirectional carbon fibre straps under the concave area on the side

Rubber band ditto

Poplar wood core

Carbon mat unidirectional in longitudinal direction

Carbon mat with carbon fibre offset by 45 degrees

Real wood veneer in smoked sata nut


Each glued with special glue and epoxy resin = secret formula from ski and snowboard construction

All-round polyurethane keder; moulded, not glued

Length 118 cm

Width 23.5 cm

Wheel flares


Long straight edges

Covered wheels to prevent accidental stepping on them

Visual support through bright centre stripe

Flat dance floor

Concave edge emphasised so that you can feel it through the sole of the shoe

Lively flex (medium flex up to max. 70 kg), above that stiff flex recommended

Super stiff kicktail

Produced by Pogoboards

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